Behind the Scenes: Spring Photoshoot

Spring is all about change and renewal, right? So we did our Spring shoot differently this time. To switch things up a bit, in addition to our favorite models, we brought along some sales associates and brand ambassadors and gave them the superstar treatment.

Here’s how our fashion shoots work: long before our models and crew arrive, we “scout” different towns and decide on a location. “Where’s the green grass?” (Spring shoots usually take place when it’s still winter.) “Look – over there – it’s a perfect picket fence!” Our eyes are always peeled for weathered, textured walls and interesting artifacts like these vintage gas pumps.

St. Helena, California had everything we needed – plus something else we’ll tell you about in a sec. It’s about a 2 hour drive north of San Francisco, in the Napa Valley. A small town where the grapes outnumber the people by (we’re guessing) ten billion to one.

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

That something extra? Over 400 vineyards – and a Culinary Institute. We did not abuse the privilege, but there were a couple days when we wrapped our shoot, then broke out a bottle of red or white and it was divine. Lots of farm-to-table food, too. Aka put this town on your Dream Vacay list!

Our mornings started early in the motor homes – one for wardrobe (with a seamstress and a steam machine on hand), one for hair and makeup. While our art directors huddled around an industrial strength coffee pot, our stylists huddled around the models – doing everything YOU do in the morning to look amazing: trying different necklaces for an off-the-shoulder dress…cuffing jeans just so…picking a jacket to toss over a denim shirt.

Then the camera clicks begin. A good photograph, for us, isn’t just about posing. And it’s definitely not pouty. It’s about showing the best features of an outfit AND showing how it FEELS when everything comes together and you love what you’re wearing. That’s what we look for through the lens, and that’s what we aim for every day in our stores.

Some of our pics took place at the maurices in Woodland, California. It stayed open during the shoot, so customers got a sneak peek of spring. We also got a delicious surprise when Amber, the Market Sales Lead in Woodland, arrived with homemade treats. Amber’s a great boss and a great baker!

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

From left to right, here are the lovely ladies from maurices featured in our shoot. We asked for their take on how to make YOUR spring look spectacular. If they work in your town – come in and say HI!

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

Dominique (Lebanon, Tennessee store)

Q: Give us the top three words for how you want women to feel when they shop at your store.

A: Valued, empowered, and cherished…just ask our ladies at 1822!

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

Margie (Los Lunas, New Mexico store)

Q: What do you tell women who are terrified of trying yellow? It is THE color this spring, but one’s instinct is to avoid it at all costs.

A: Whether expressed as a bold statement or a small accent, incorporating yellow into your outfit radiates warmth, shines happiness and ignites confidence.

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

Brittany (Derby, Kansas store)

Q: What’s the news in denim?

A: Denim details are the talk of the town!! Patches, ankle details, high-rise frayed waist band, stitching details, or button fly…the list goes on and on. Your can let your top be simple and let your legs do the talking! It’s so fun to show your personality in your denim fashion! Women like finding the perfect denim to go with tops, who wants a boring denim option? We like options on many different levels!

Maurices Blog – Behind the Scenes Spring Photoshoot

Hillary (Clovis, California store)

Q: Any tips for getting our shoulders out of hibernation?

A: Trends come and go, cold shoulders are around forever. Adding a layering pieces to an off-the-shoulder top or cold shoulder is an easy way to ease into the trend, but not necessary of course.

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    Is the jean jacket with the white fur that Brittany is wearing available ?