Behind the Seams: Insider Scoop on Fall 2018 Denim Trends

Say hello to Destinee Prater from our NYC office. A talented denim designer with over 12 years of experience, she’s obsessed with creating innovative fabrics, exciting new washes and fits that flatter women’s bodies. We caught up with her to get the inside scoop on fall 2018 denim trends and discover which new style she’s crushing on most (shhh…it’s coming soon!).

Let’s start with the basics. Favorite beverage?

Although denim can be complicated, I keep my coffee pretty simple — black, with just a splash of milk.

Favorite color?

RED! Because it’s such a powerful color. Of course, you know I love blue…

Do you have any pets?

No – but I’d like to a French bulldog one day.

What’s it like at the office?

Most mornings, I grab coffee and start by studying fashion magazines and researching trends online (tough gig, I know!). This helps get my wheels turning and drive the creative process. Like most people, I have tons of email to go through and meetings to attend. But on a creative day, I’ll get to sketch, work on new washes or research fabric for the upcoming season.

How do you create new styles and washes?

We go through several rounds of sketches and development samples to land on the styles and washes we think customers will love most. Then we fit them on core and plus models to make sure we’re delivering across all size segments.

How long does it take for an idea to come to life?

From sketch to store, it takes about nine months (which is funny, because each style I create is kind of like my baby!).

Why do you like working with denim?

It’s one of the only categories where you can literally create a product from scratch. Some people consider denim to be basic — but the development process certainly isn’t. From choosing the right color of indigo to applying a wash using different chemicals, you can literally create anything with time and patience.

What’s on your denim radar?

I can’t say enough about our exclusive Everflex™ denim!! It’s a true performance jean meaning that the stretch and recovery is superb. But I’m really excited about our entire new denim collection. There are so many styles, lengths and fabrics — I’m so proud of my team for helping make it happen!

What style are you most excited about for fall?

For the first time, we’re offering a Super Skinny jegging. This style is for the customer who loves a jegging look and feel but wants a more precise fit. Super Skinny jeggings come in numeric sizing so you can buy closer to your “true” size and feel like they were made just for you.

What other fall trends are you loving?

I love watching our athleisure pieces like 24/7 tees and capris continue to evolve into actual ‘day wear’. A sweatshirt or loungewear combined with denim is always a great combo for me. I also like mixing athleisure bottoms with a vintage denim jacket for the perfect Saturday look.

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