Celebrating #mauricesdads this Father’s Day

Dads – where and who would we be without them? From piggyback rides when we were younger to having our backs, as we get older, there is no shortage of dads worth celebrating this Father’s Day and every day.

To get the celebration started, we’ve rounded up a few #mauricesdads that make us proud as #mauricesmoms, wives, and daughters can be.

Mariah Chupp

My dad has been one of my biggest supporters throughout everything in my life, including helping me with steps in my career and walking me down the aisle. Even though my dad is no longer alive, I celebrate Father’s Day every day by keeping his memory alive, as I know he’s smiling down on me with his big ole goofy grin.

Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads
Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads

Emily Truax

My dad has taught me so much in my life. As a retired Sheriffs Officer for the state of New Jersey and a veteran of the United States Air Force, he continues to be one of my biggest fans, especially when I found my calling at maurices. My childhood dream job was to be a teacher, but when I came to maurices and got promoted through the management team to a store manager, he was there to cheer for me every step of the way.

Kelly Barnstorf

Growing up, I was always a daddy’s girl and hoped to find someone as loving and giving as my own dad. When I met my husband, Joe, he literally swept me off my feet. Fast-forward to now and I can’t get enough of watching him with our kids.

Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads
Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads

Nicole Boyle

At a young age, my grandpa had to play double duty being my grandpa and my dad. From teaching me how to play catch and ride a bike to fishing, he has always encouraged, supported, and pushed me to be the best person I can be. He continues to inspire me every day with his happiness and his love for life.

Dave Johnson

My father has been a great parent, role model, and friend. From being my hunting buddy to going on mission trips with me, he’s the first one to extend a helping hand. One year, my dad even managed to volunteer for the maurices Relay for Life team, by building a castle and then walking the relay with me.

Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads
Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads

Sheena Guzzo

My family loves to relive this memory from my high school softball days…I was not in the line-up this particular game and cheering my team on from the bench. One girl on the team had struggled at bat all game and it looked like this inning wasn’t going to be any different. With two outs and runners on base, she had a 0-2 count (2 strikes and no balls for those not down with the lingo). As the coach of the team, my dad called a time out and then yelled, “Sheena, grab a helmet.” To this day, what I remember most is how my dad took a chance and fully believed in me and the fact that my dad’s risky play worked…I got a hit and we scored!

Amy Swartz

One of my favorite recent memories with my dad was at my wedding last summer. Our father daughter dance was to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. The lyrics “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright” were perfect because my dad has always been the kind of person to offer up a solution or advice. His unwavering love and high importance of family is grounding and forever a good reminder that at the end of the day, nothing else matters. Jobs, certain people, material things will come and go but family is forever. Keep your loved ones close and your top priority, and every little thing will be alright.

Maurices Blog - #mauricesdads