Celebrating #mauricesdads this Father’s Day

We’re celebrating dads this Father’s Day and every day for everything they do. Teaching us how to ride a bike, cheering us on and always being there when we need them most — no matter how old we are. We rounded up some inspiring stories about super #maurices dads, stepdads and husbands who are devoted to their families and make mom life even sweeter.

“He’s been my A1 since day 1! They don’t call me a mini Kenny for no reason! Also, the 80s killed it with fashion!”


“However, here I am a year and a half later and I’m super blessed to have my uncle (his twin brother) be like a dad to me. He’s goofy and fun and reminds me so much of my dad. Their mannerisms are exactly the same, it’s bittersweet but sometimes it’s exactly what I need. They are both such amazing men! One thing my dad always said to me was, ‘Strive to be the best you can be.’ And if I was upset about something I did he would ask me, ‘Did you give your absolute best? Then that’s all that matters!’ I’m so happy to be able to share my memories with my future children and tell them about all of his goofiness!”


“Father’s Day has always been a bittersweet holiday for me, but that changed ever since my husband Chase and I brought our little boy into the world. Watching them together brings tears to my eyes sometimes because I see the love Chase has for him. It is unconditional — just how it should be.”


He raised me on his own & has always been my number one fan. He’s not only the best dad to me & my little brother & sister, but he’s also got the BIGGEST heart. He treats strangers with unyielding kindness & is the most selfless human. I strive to have a heart like his & I’m the luckiest to be his daughter. His famous words are, ‘if God’s got me — what is there to worry about?’ I wish everyone could know him!”


“My husband Billy is the most amazing, most hands-on dad with our 1-year old son Hudson! Hudson adores him, and they have an amazing bond! We were together for twenty years before we had Hudson, and one thing that I appreciate the most is that our son sees how much his daddy loves his mommy every single day. My husband is an incredible husband and father and definitely leads by example in both of those roles!”


“My husband Mitch loves to share his passions with his family! Every decision he makes has us included in it! He is wrapped around my daughters’ fingers and they love him so much! Very blessed to have him as the father of my girls!”


“My dad adopted me as his own when I was 4 years old (after he married my mom). The story goes: my mom was out with friends and looking at photos of me. She wasn’t paying attention and accidentally spilled a drink on him. Instead of getting upset, he asked, ‘Can I see those photos too?’ And the rest was history! I always say he fell in love with me first. To this day, he is my absolute best friend (and occasional drinking buddy). I can’t describe how much this man means to me!”


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