Denim for EVERY Decade

If a diamond is forever and pearls are a girl’s best friend, then denim is our favorite new black. To share a few thoughts on this tried-and-true must-have, we reached out to five of our denim-loving stylists on how to wear denim at any age. And if there is anything we’re walking away with (besides another cute pair of jeggings)…it’s that denim is ageless.

Denim in your 20s...

Maurices Blog - Denim for any Decade


AGE: 20s JOB: Assistant Manager at maurices FROM: Pella, IA Tell us a little bit about your personal style…I love to dress in the latest trend without sacrificing comfort…like skinny jeans, floral tops, and pretty much anything with lace. Describe what jeans you’re wearing and why? I am wearing maurices jeggings because they fit my body shape perfectly. Not to mention, they go with just about anything in my closet. What’s one stylist hack or word of advice for someone shopping for jeans at maurices? There are sooo many styles and fits for every body type to pick from. Not sure where to begin? Check out maurices jean shop in stores or online to find the perfect fit for your body.

Denim in your 30s...

Maurices Blog - Denim for any Decade


AGE: 30’s JOB: maurices Store Lead FROM: San Jose, IL What’s your favorite thing to pair with jeans? I love pairing my skinny jeans with booties and a comfy a 24/7 top! How do you dress up your favorite pair of jeans? I love dressing up my favorite pull-on skinny jeans with cage neck tank, a fun kimono, and a cute pair of booties, of course. What’s the oldest pair of jeans you own and why can’t you give up on them? My oldest pair of jeans would have to be my 10-year old pair of Silver Tuesday slim boot jeans. They are perfectly broken in with worn in destruction…so you know they extra comfy.

Maurices Blog - Denim for any Decade


AGE: 30’s JOB: First Assistant at maurices FROM: Kendall, NY Describe what jeans you are wearing and why? I’m wearing maurices jeggings with the fun camo underlay. Not only is the camo detail super cute, but they also look FAB with mustard yellow. What’s your favorite thing to pair with jeans? I would say I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Have you tried any of our new jean fits yet and what’s your favorite so far? I have! My favorite is the pull-on jegging! I also love that these jeggings have a front pocket…

Maurices Blog - Denim for any Decade


AGE: 30’s JOB: Part-time maurices Manager FROM: Spokane, WA Tell us a little bit about your personal style…My favorite trend at the moment is a pair of skinny jeans or shorts paired with pretty much any flowy boho top. I love floral prints and solid neutrals that can be accessorized and dressed up. And of course, comfort is key…if I feel good in an outfit, my level of happy is a 10. Describe what jeans you’re wearing and why? A perfect jean to me has a little destruction…that’s why I’m loving the light wash destructed jeggings this season. Have you tried all of the new fits yet and what’s your favorite so far? I recently tried on a couple pairs of our new maurices jeggings. Love, love, love them! Can I just say that they get better every season! The fabric and quality are amazing and they are hands down the most comfortable jeans I’ve worn yet.

Denim in your 40s...

Maurices Blog - Denim for any Decade


AGE: I just turned 50 years old (shhhh)! But we can say 40 😉 I feel great!! JOB: maurices Store Leader FROM: New Haven, IN What’s your favorite thing to pair with jeans? I like to always be put together, so the dark wash jegging are my-go to…paired back with a vest, dressy top, and wedges or booties. Of course, I also love a good pair of destructed boyfriend jeans paired with a casual top, plaid, and flats. Have you tried any of the new jean fits yet and what’s your favorite so far? I’m a huge fan of the pull-up jeggings. I like wearing them with longer tops, whether flowy or tight fitting, the look is clean and smooth around the middle and great for hiding those imperfections most women think they have. What’s the oldest pair of jeans you own and why can’t you give up on them? My medium wash, slim boot (Ellie) fit jeans are my oldest and most comfortable pair. They are long, lean and perfect for wearing over my boots, and especially fun for laid-back country outings. Pretty sure, I’ll never give up on them… For more on how to make denim work for you, check out what our very own Technical Designer and denim fit perfectionist, Kaitlin, has to say about solving the trickiest denim dilemmas of them all.

  • Darcie

    I really like all these styles! Thanks for sharing ideas. I especially like the rolled cuff with booties look, I’d never though of wearing skinny jeans like this, but it’s really cute!
    I’m older than all these girls, but I still like a good denim skinny pant! My problem with finding the right ones for me is I need a high waist cut. I have a bigger than I’d like tummy and need a high waisted, skinny pant with lost of stretch!
    Please bring these to Maurice’s, which is my newest fav place to shop! We just got our new Maurice’s in my town, love shopping there for tops and dresses, but denim…not my styles…yet.

  • Marcia O’Connor

    Hey Ladies!!!! Our Oneonta NY Maurice’s has inspired and styled denim…and many other “I can/t wear’s too young styles” for my age group…and I am going to be 70!!!!! love feeling the groove (hmmmmm, for real old hippy turned …ugh..SrCitizen)!!! and not just denim, kids…the ladies at this Maurice’s certainly have made it their business to know their customer and their color/style preferences , and even then venture outside of the “comfort zone” into a new style world Sadly, our Kaytee is moving on to Saratoga NY we shall miss her enthusiastic and knowledgeable welcoming presence Fun and happy place store!!!

  • Joan Brooks

    i cant wear skinny jeans as my calves are too large any bootcut jeans?