6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

With so many denim styles, fits, and rises out there—it’s easy to feel like you’ve got a case of the denim blues when you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Lucky for you, our very own Technical Designer and denim fit perfectionist, Kaitlin, has six denim styling tips and tricks to all of your how to wear denim questions and dilemmas. In fact, the only thing Kaitlin might love more than denim is working with her team to make sure maurices denim always fits, feels, and looks its very best.

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My jeans always gap in the back…help!

Then our curvy fit jeans are made for you. Not only does the higher waist put a stop to the back gap, but it’s also designed to flatter your curves. In fact, our curvy fit is made with our best stretch denim that we also use in our jeggings, so you know they are as comfortable as they are forgiving. As far as the size…if you normally wear a size 9/10 jean for your hips, but the waist is too big, you should give the 7/8 in the curvy a try (same rules apply if you’re looking for a plus curvy size).

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

What jeans do you recommend for someone that’s shorter?

Jeggings with our short inseam are a great go-to, as well as cuffing or rolling up some of your longer jeans. Finish the look with cute booties for extra height and style.

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

How do I hide my muffin top?

Muffin tops can easily be concealed with our high rise jegging or lean jegging in plus. Complement your jeans with a sleek and smooth cami underneath a flowy top or a fun ruanua come Fall.

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

I’m a mom and need something comfortable and stylish…

A pull on jegging is a great option that’s super flattering at the waist and comfortable for a busy day ahead. Dress it up for teacher parent conferences or pair it with your favorite graphic tee and sneakers for an after school game night.

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

I love my maurices jeans…but will you offer any higher rise options?

There will actually be three new rise options this Fall, and most of our jean styles, as well as jeggings, will have the new Mid Rise waist that sits below the waist. In addition to Mid Rise, we’ll also have a few jegging styles that will have our High Rise waist (sits at the waist). Last, but not least…we’ve also developed a higher Mid Rise across all plus denim styles.

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

I have a hard time finding jeans that flatter my shape – I have a fuller tummy and slender legs. What would you recommend?

We have the perfect fit option for you! It’s called a Lean Jegging that flatters at the waist with a comfortable pull on elastic waist and a slimmer leg from the thigh to leg opening than our normal jeggings.

Maurices Blog - 6 Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved

Have other denim dilemmas on your mind? Let us know in the comments below or check out our jean shop guide.

  • Jane Walker

    My legs are fat! I need something that doesn’t cling to them like jeggings do.

    • DuluthMaurices

      Hi Jane! You might love our straight fits or bootcut fits–a little more generous in the hip/thigh area and wider in the knee!

      • Jane Walker

        Thank you!

  • Caitlin Betz

    I have wide hips and thighs compared to my waist and I can never find jeans that fit me well!

    • DuluthMaurices

      Hi Caitlin! Our new curvy fit was designed for exactly this problem! You will love it!

  • Debbie Murphy

    please keep the kaylee bootcut jeans in medium wash

    • Aimee Laflamme

      Yes, we need these! And yes to low cut everything. Any other style is just ugly.

  • Kasie B

    It seems most retailers have forgotten the real need for true low rise. That means a low rise in a boot cut, jegging, slim and straight cut. The problem a low rise solves is the girl with belly fat but no real rib fat and no butt. And now, the older I get, things are shifting so the fat is just getting weirder and my back side is getting EVEN FLATTER!!!…TMI. A low rise prevents any kind of fat squish/spillage over the waistband whether standing or sitting. It’s not really a muffin top, it’s just WEIRD! A mid rise cuts right into the worst part of the waist. A high rise chokes my rib cage. A low rise will give my backside a lift and boost. So please, don’t forget about us average sized ladies 5′ 6″ 142 lbs. One trend does not fit all. Don’t even get me started on the loose flows tunic length tops that are everywhere. I look absolutely pregnant in those!!!!