Gift Wrapping Ideas to Fa-la-la Love

After you wrap up your holiday shopping at maurices, wrap your gifts using these fun and easy DIY ideas. All you need is one of our gift boxes or bags and a few craft supplies of your own. You spent time picking out the perfect presents — spend a few more minutes wrapping them in a way they’ll FALALALA-love.


What you need:

  • maurices gift box

  • Scissors

  • Small paint brush

  • Soft brush

  • Gold leaf glue

  • Gold leaf

  • Metallic packing string or twine

  • Parchment paper

  • Baking sheet

  • Xacto knife

  • Rolling pin

  • Polymer clay

  • Script writing print out “MOM”

What to do:
1. Write or print off initials or name in cursive writing.

2. Cut out name to create a stencil, then roll a 1/4” slab from a half pound of polymer clay using a rolling pin on a sheet of parchment paper.

3. Place stencil on slab and cut out the name into the clay using an Xacto knife.

4. Move the parchment paper onto a baking sheet and remove the stencil from the clay.

5. Bake the ornament following the clay baking instructions.

6. Paint the gold leaf glue on the tree graphic on gift bag using a small print brush.

7. Let glue dry following the glue instructions and add the gold leaf sheets to the box (cut sheets to size if necessary). 

8. Use soft brush to ensure the gold sticks to the glue. 

9. Peel the carrier sheet from the gold leaf and brush away any excess gold leaf with soft brush. 

10. Secure clay ornament to the box with metallic packing twine. 

11. Add fun graphic sweatshirts and accessories inside the box like scarves, hats, and pretty jewelry pieces.


What you need:

  • maurices gift box

  • Yarn
  • Pom-pom maker

  • Bells

  • Scissors

  • Glue Gun

  • Gift tag

What to do:

1. Wrap yarn around the pom-pom maker and clip the yarn with scissors.

2. Use a piece of yarn to wrap around and tie the cut threads.

3. Remove the pom-pom maker from the newly made pom-pom and trim any uneven yarns. 

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with both sizes of pom-pom makers using a variety of yarns (create larger pom-poms by wrapping the yarn around your hand).

5. Take a piece of yarn and thread it between the winding yarn and your hand.

6. Tie the piece of yarn to secure the winding yarns.

7. Remove the winding yarns and tie the other yarns creating a bow like bundle.

8. Cut the loops at each end of the bundle and trim the uneven yarns.

9. Wrap yarn around the maurices box and glue the pom-poms, bells, and gift tag to the edge of the box. 

10. For an extra cozy surprise inside, pack in a cozy sweater (or two) with comfy leggings and cute accessories to match. 


What you need:

  • maurices gift bag

  • maurices dot tissue paper
  • 3″ tulle ribbon

  • 3×3″ cardboard square

  • Metallic rick rack ribbon

  • Mini bells and stars

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun

If you want more inspiration on what to put inside these festive wrappings, check out how our friends from Duluth Moms Blog are wrapping up their holiday shopping with fun favorites from our holiday gift guide. And if you’re giving maurices gift cards this season, check out how to make them look and feel extra special.

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    so cute! love the hot-pink polka dot pom pom idea!