Fun, Fashion & Gabi Fresh

Gabi FreshGreat style and good times go together. So maurices threw a three day party with our friend Gabi Gregg, creator of If you’ve ever been to the GabiFresh site, you know it’s big on body positivity. That was Gabi’s message as she hosted shopping shindigs in our Kansas City, Salt Lake City, and Portland stores. Later in the day, we turned up the music, poured mocktails, and passed the macarons. A photo booth had feather boas and other fun props…new friends were made…new trends were tried on. Gabi styled looks for her fans and followers – some of the key pieces she loves to build on are day-to-night ankle pants and our comfy, stretchy ripped jeans. We have a feeling Gabi’s the life of the party wherever she goes. She certainly left a wake of good energy and enthusiasm as she hopped from city to city with us.

SHOP GABI’S LOOK: Top | Jeans | Wrap

Here’s what we remember from our on-the-fly convos with her

  • Wear what you’re drawn to, not what you’re told to – forget the rules about dressing for your shape.
  • When in doubt, start with the basics – then layer from there.
  • An aura of self acceptance makes clothes look better – so love your body, no matter what your size.
  • It’s up to all of us to support each other – to find our fabulousness and forget the flaws.

SHOP GABI’S LOOKS: White vest | Stripe shirt | Black blazer | Grey shirt | Dark denim