Hometown Hang

Lake SuperiorCharming. Exciting. Inviting. These are all the things one hopes for in their hometown. And they’re always there, when you know where to look. We thought you might want to see where maurice’s lives. Our stores are in over 900 towns across the US and Canada and we have a design studio in NYC – but we call Duluth, Minnesota home. Duluth is scenically situated on the shores of Lake Superior (the greatest of the Great Lakes). Compared to Manhattan or LA, it’s a small city, with crazy-cold winters. But it’s proof of our belief that “style is where you find it.” We see beauty and creativity in the people we live and work with every day. And we keep our eyes open for new things to discover, right here. Let’s show you around…tap/rollover a photo to learn more.

There’s something to be said for having deep roots and devoted history with a place. But there’s also something about keeping it fresh… trying the new places in town…seeking out the hidden gems…finding and supporting local businesses…cheering on the entrepreneurs that fuel a town’s spirit. That’s what keeps a hometown vibrant, and keeps your life there interesting…entertaining…evolving. It’s true, you know – sometimes the best places on earth are right down the road. What do you love about where YOU live? Show us the sights. #MauricesHometownHang #discovermaurices