Inside Scoop on Fashion from our Stylist Melinda

Our photo stylist Melinda lives and breathes fashion. She especially loves to inspire others to rock any outfit with their best accessory – CONFIDENCE. Lucky for you, we caught up with her to get the inside scoop on the spring trends she’s most excited for and some of her top styling secrets (that you can do too).

Name 3 spring trends you’re loving…

1– I am always a big fan of color in any season! I get excited for the shifts in palettes — it’s always a sign of something new and fresh to come in fashion. This season is no different. Lavender (or pretty much any pastel) is a big color for spring and maurices offers it in solids and as fun pops in a variety of floral prints.

2- Ruching is also on the scene this spring. It’s a cute way to shake up a classic tee with extra detail or update a work blouse with a fun twist.

3- Denim. Denim. Denim. It really has become a seasonless trend in our casual lifestyle these days. A fun way to switch it up is to update your crops with hem details, a button fly or even those soft pastel colors I mentioned before. They are a great staple and can really help pull your look on trend!

What are some of your go-to styling secrets?

Perfect sleeve roll: I love a good roll—sleeve, hem you name it, I cuff it. My team teases me about how “particular” I am about it. My fail-safe sleeve roll is to pull the cuff all the way up to the elbow then do a second role with the doubled fabric. This way you can get that “messy” roll effect that won’t keep coming undone.

Messy tuck: I think looking effortlessly put together all comes down to the shirt tuck. Whether you are wearing a tee, slouchy sweater or even a blouse to work, a little messy tuck can really elevate your look. Depending on the fabric, I will do a little center tuck or tuck closer to the hip to create some movement in the top. I do love a high-waisted denim moment with a full tuck—that’s my ultimate jam.

Favorite season to dress for?

I truly love the change of all seasons. I’m usually ready for the transition, excited for some change! As for my personal style, I am actually a pretty simple lady. I like my looks to be clean and light. I would say since I’m California girl I’m almost always up for anything with a spring/summer vibe. Not too layered and I love a jumper! 

What does it mean to have style?

To have style is to have CONFIDENCE. I think that knowing yourself and what you like to wear makes anything look amazing on you! While it is fun to check out new trends and play with integrating them here and there into your wardrobe, I think owning your shape and being confident in who you are is what really translates into your personal style. My feeling is don’t overdo it! Keep it simple and your look will always feel timeless and chic.

How long have you been a stylist?

I have always been drawn to fashion and using clothing to feel unique since I was young. I loved finding pieces that no one else would wear. In high school, I bought this crazy rubber dress and wore it to school feeling like a boss at 14. After a 5-year career working as a buyer then marketing manager for a national retailer, I moved to Los Angeles to finish fashion school to reinvent my career to become a stylist. I have worked in all parts of the industry—celebrity editorial and red carpet, commercials, television and print advertising. It truly is my passion. I feel alive on set by defining and creating brands through fashion. My job is fun, creative and every shoot poses new challenges. I feel so lucky that my path has led me here.

What do you love about working with maurices?

I love working with a company that stands for great things! Aside from accessible fashion, I love that I’m always hearing the team talk about the ways maurices gives back to their community. Like their company event, “Best Day Ever,” where maurices volunteers with more than 30 nonprofits in the area of their headquarters. Or how highly they regard their stores’ team stylists. Best of all, you can tell they really care about making women feel good just as they are and that’s refreshing in a time when brands can feel disconnected from the people that support them the most.

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