We can’t stop celebrating inspiring women who make our world a better place every day by selflessly serving others. Whether it’s that one superhero friend or soul sister that always lifts you up or the three amazing women you’re about to meet below — they all deserve to be recognized for the inspiring and brave sheroes aka she heroes that they are.


Jess is a mom to three, proud Navy wife and avid list writer. Jess and her family are adjusting to life overseas and we salute her for the “sheroic” job she does supporting her family, her husband, and her country! Here’s how she does it:

“Hey friends! When I think about what #servicewithstyle means, I immediately think of my family and our life as a military family serving overseas.

I am so proud of my little ones and how great they were traveling over the past week and adapting to the new cultures. This military life has given us the opportunity to live in and explore some truly amazing places. But there is nothing better than being home — wherever we may be.

Traveling is a big part of this lifestyle and it is fast-paced whether for leisure or a new assignment. Being able to maintain a lifestyle of travel and service to our great country is rewarding and relentlessly exhaustive, yet we cherish every opportunity to do so.”

Read more about how Jess brings service and style together on her blog and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @jessbkr.


Sandy is an IT consultant in the healthcare industry, a supermom to two, self-proclaimed left brainer and fashion addict. And we’re excited to share what makes her a shero in our eyes.

“Growing up, my parents always made it a point to save up money to take us out of state or out of the country on family vacations. Now that I am older and a parent myself, I really appreciate those trips and want to do the same for my kids. One fun thing we like to do when we travel is to check out different libraries. Many will have a free story time or activities which our kids love attending. Being able to open their eyes to different cultures and ways of living through travel and literature will really help to shape their values. And nothing says #servicewithstyle more than shaping the future of our communities with our own kids.”

To see how Sandy serves up fashion on the daily, follow her on Instagram at @sandyalamode and don’t forget to bookmark her blog.


Collins is a fashion lifestyle blogger, wife and mompreneur who serves on the board of her family’s foundation, Making It Happen. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she was a subject of the blockbuster movie, The Blind Side. Here’s what she has to say about being a shero:

“I have been re-evaluating some of my time management, obligations and most of all my service for others. I think we are called to help our neighbors and sometimes that can be the simplest act. I have been working with my family’s @mihfoundation  over the past few years to help kids who are at risk improve their educational system. This work has been so near and dear to my heart. We have an amazing team that works so hard to make acts of service come to life. Next up, we’ll be planning our spring carnival for the school we sponsor in Memphis. This is one of my favorite events of the year. We roll up our sleeves, blow up the bouncy house and have a ton of fun! I encourage you to find what you are passionate about and offer up a hand for service. Remember, sometimes the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s life!”

Can’t get enough? Get a peek into Collin’s closet on her blog and follow her on Instagram at @collinstuohysmith for all things service meets style.


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