Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

As a proud mom and AVP of Human Resources at our home office, Jeanne sat down with us to talk about what shaped her as a mom, how she’s shaping her daughters future, and advice she’d give to other working moms. But if there’s one mom-ism we’re walking away with, it’s this – do what feels best to you and don’t let social norms dictate what you think is important.

Maurices Blog – Maurices Mom Jeanne
Maurices Blog - Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

What really shaped you as a mom?

Definitely having my son Tom. He was born with a really rare genetic syndrome. Being that it was before the time of ultrasounds, we didn’t really know what was in store for us until just before he was due. The doctors told us he wouldn’t live to be a year old, but he lived to be 11. My husband, Tim, and I had no choice but to jump right in and learn on the fly. It quickly taught us to be positive about everything…

Maurices Blog – Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

Tom was one lucky boy to have parents like you and Tim…how have your own parents had an impact on you?

My mom was a teacher and was really respected by the community and loved by the students. But what I loved most about her was how happy she was when she went to work. It really made me that way and now I see my daughter, Maggie, doing the same thing…

Maurices Blog – Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

Sounds like Maggie takes after you. What other ways is she like you? And not like you?

We both love being around people. She’s also naturally happy and positive like me. But what she’s not like (and I wish I was more) is really adventuresome. She’s a huge risk taker…she’s studied and lived abroad.

Maurices Blog – Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

That’s something to be proud of…what advice would you give your daughter on being a mom some day?

Just do what feels best to you. There are 50 million right ways to do things…don’t let social norms dictate what you think is important.  

Maurices Blog – Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

 You mentioned earlier that your career has always made you happy…how did you strike a balance between work and family life? 

Instead of dwelling on what I was missing at home, I embraced the positive side of things. I love that I still have a great career, where I can impact peoples lives every day, and that I can also have a great family. You really don’t have to choose one over the other.

There’s no doubt family is important…what family traditions would you say are equally important?

The Christmas after Tom died, we started a Christmas brunch tradition. After brunch, we send off balloons with messages to Tom – so he’s always celebrating Christmas with us. Maggie is 25 and still really looks forward to that!

Maurices Blog – Meet Maurices Mom Jeanne

So does parenting get easier or harder as they get older?

It gets different. You never stop worrying about them. I do think it’s more rewarding to look at Maggie as a successful and beautiful 25-year-old woman today than even the day she took her first steps or graduated from high school.

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