Meet the maurices #sheroes contest winners

We can’t stop celebrating inspiring women who make our world a better place every day by selflessly serving others. They all deserve to be recognized for the inspiring and brave sheroes aka “she heroes” they are. In our recent #shero $1,0000 shopping spree contest we asked you to nominate that one superhero friend, babysitter, or soul sister that always lifts you up. And your responses were beyond inspiring! The lucky winners and lovely ladies who nominated them have been awarded a $1,000 maurices shopping spree to share and we bet they’re calling to book their styling sessions right now! Congratulations again to all of our deserving winners and thanks again to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to participate. Drumroll please…

Anna Gilson & Norann Bianco, Hermitage, PA

“Norann is an amazing and well-loved teacher in our community. As her sister-in-law, I have watched her take care of my brother during his battle with cancer. When the time came, she helped take care of my family and me during my breast cancer diagnosis. Norann was recently diagnosed with breast cancer herself and I have been trying to find something special to show her my love and appreciation as she begins her treatment. I could truly never fully repay her for everything that makes her so deserving.”

Crystal Mosley (Stringer, MS) & Megan Williams (Whispering Pines, NC)

“Megan inspires me every day. She’s a military wife and the mother of two beautiful autistic children, a precious newborn, and a new foster child. She still finds time to lead her own charity, remodel houses, and survive alone while her awesome husband has been overseas several times. Oh, and is also a published author.”

Jami Islas (Abilene, TX) & Hiedi Kunde (Arlington, TX)

“Heidi and her husband adopted me when I was 14 years old from foster care. It was the best day of my life meeting them and being blessed to be able to be a part of their family. To this day as an adult, they are still my parents and #shero/hero!!! I couldn’t be more blessed.”

Lynn Diorio (Latrobe, PA) & Keesha McNealy (Opelika, AL)

“Keesha is my BFF of 32 years! I’ve known her over half of my life. We have been through it all together — marriages, divorces, birth, death — every hill and every valley. She has been by my side through every heartbreak, every happiness. She is my best friend, my rock, and my soul sister.”

Mickey Claus (Lake Havasu, AZ) & Nikki Irvin (Ft. Campbell, KY)

My daughter Nikki is my hero! She also happens to be mother to four military children, wife to an Army soldier, and the kindest, most giving person I know. I can’t remember the last time she bought something for herself. If another family is in need, she will give what she can. Raising children while moving from post to post, smiling and seeing the good makes her my shero.”

Thanks again to all of our contest participants and sheroes near and far. If you missed out on our #shero sweepstakes, no worries! We’re always celebrating inspiring women so please continue to tag the sheroes who inspire you @maurices using #discovermaurices #servicewithstyle