Meet maurices Mom Morgana

Mother’s Day may be over, but we’re not over moms that wow…like our featured mom of adorable twin girls, Morgana. As a proud mom of two mini me’s and fashion buyer at our home office, Morgana sat down with us to talk about her twinning journey (wait ’til you see the photos) and her secrets to looking put together when her hands are full.  

Maurices Blog - Maurices Moms - Morgana

What was your first reaction when you found out you were twinning? 

I was fairly surprised to find out I was pregnant, so when we found out we were going to be having twins, we were shocked! I even brought cards in for each of my coworkers that said I’d no longer be drinking wine due to being pregnant (it was a very cheeky note). On the inside, I included a photo from the ultrasound pointing out baby A and baby B. The room full of merchants instantly erupted in screaming, tears, and hugs. It’s so awesome to work with a group of people who care so much for me…

What’s the most rewarding part about being a mom to two? And the most challenging? 

The most rewarding times are those moments when I get to see them love each other and look out for one another. It’s also crazy rewarding to get double the love and snuggles each day. The most challenging part…I’m exhausted!

Maurices Blog - Maurices Moms - Morgana

Best mom-ism you’ve ever heard? 

So many! I had twins before Beyonce made it cool … one day I’ll be thankful that my kids are strong-willed, but that will not be today, not in this grocery store.

Maurices Blog - Maurices Moms - Morgana

How did you celebrate you this Mother’s Day? 

Brunch with family and friends, twin girls in cute dresses, loads of carbs, cheese, and mimosas!

You’re caught twinning with your twins…what’s your go-to outfit?

Wide-leg jeans…


Maurices Blog - Maurices Moms - Morgana

What’s your mom secret to looking put together when you’ve got your hands full?

Everything in my routine has to be easy. I threw out the fancy heels for great pairs of flat boots and sandals (much more practical when carrying two babies at once). Clothing has to make me feel beautiful and like myself. I also wash and pin my hair at night so by morning I can just shake it out and makeup gets applied in my minivan in the parking ramp right before I walk into work…

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