How to Stay Active at Work

Resolve to exercise more this year? In a perfect world, we’d all have at least one hour a day to workout. But in the real world, 24 hours is never enough to get it all done. Don’t stress! Instead, squeeze in fitness wherever and whenever you can. Throw on your favorite pair of leggings and get moving at work. As you’ll quickly learn from Jamie at our own home office, every little bit counts!


Stuck at your desk? Cramped in a cubicle? Sitting (slouching) can leave you feeling tight, sore and listless. It’s time to desk-ercise! The simplest stretch of all is to sit up straight and hold in your stomach. Good posture elongates your spine, relieving pressure and strengthening your core. Use your desk to stretch your back (and glutes) by leaning forward or give the seated spinal twist a try. To loosen your neck and shoulders, bring your chin to your chest and make slow circles (ear to shoulder) or play around with some side stretches and chest openers. Your body will thank you later.


Every time you get up at work consider it an opportunity to exercise. Take the stairs to a meeting instead of the elevator. Visit a co-worker’s office instead of sending an email. Walk to lunch with a group. All of these little changes can add up to big changes in the way you feel. One of the very best ways to make sure exercise becomes a regular habit is to partner with a friend. You can encourage one another better than a fitness tracker ever could. Not to mention, shop for cute new activewear.


Set an alert on your phone to remind you that working out is a priority worth keeping. One of the most cited reasons to skip a workout goes something like this: “I am just too busy at work today; I can’t make class.”  If you unexpectedly had to pick up your child from school and had no back-up plan, how would you deal with that situation? Do some serious prioritizing, make a schedule, and stick to it.

Whether you resolved to exercise more or just exercise your right to wear leggings in the new year, we’ve got you covered with inspiration and free downloads that will help you jump into 2018 with both feet, embrace new beginnings and resolve to do more of what makes you happy.