The Summer Bucket List

Life is short. Summer is shorter. That’s why it’s the ultimate season for a bucket list.

We aren’t talking about the things you “NEED to do”, like swatting mosquitoes and trying to keep watermelon juice out of your belly button when you picnic on the beach in a bathing suit. THIS LIST is about “WANT to do’s.” It’s about desires and dreams drenched in sunlight and the buzz of hummingbirds. It’s about the slap of your flipflops on hot asphalt or just-cut grass as you run to chase a Frisbee…or an ice cream truck… or the baby chick that just hatched in your neighbor’s backyard coop.

Maurices - Summer bucket list

Somewhere, someone has THIS on her bucket list:

☑ Wear straw hats more often ☑ Grill Mexican corn on the cob ☑ Flirt with that cute guy at the farmer’s market ☑ Have a patio party

HER summer might have them take place all at once, like the grand finale of a fireworks show… She’ll wear a straw hat to the farmer’s market, approach a handsome man in overalls, and ask him “Do you have a couple dozen ears of corn I can get for a patio party I’m having tonight?” He’ll smile “Yes,” and tell her he has a great Mexican recipe, and is really good with a grill. Lists are mysterious that way. They make things all the more likely to HAPPEN. What are YOUR summer wanna-gotta-gonna DO’s? Take a look at our list, for starters. Then add to it in the comments below. The perfect bucket list for you might include some classic summer fun, some chill downtime, and a few things that get you out of your comfort zone and into new discoveries.

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